Downtown Evansville is getting even more colorful! There is a new art mural going up at the corner of 2nd and Main Streets.

About a month ago, you may remember when we shared the details of the mural going up on the Old National Bank's ONSD building located at 101 NW 4th Street downtown. That mural was created and installed by a group of artists known as Often Seen Rarely Spoken Art. Once it was completed, they shared a behind-the-scenes video showing how the project, featuring images of Evansville's history with the LST & P-47, came to fruition on the side of a building that itself is steeped in Evansville history.

According to the Facebook page for Downtown Evansville, the folks from Often Seen Rarely Spoken Art are back in Evansville today and are now working on another Old National Bank building. This time at the corner of 2nd and Main Streets on what is known as the ONB Hub.

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Of course, there are a handful of murals downtown already like Self E. Alley and the one painted by a Signature School graduate in Game Room Alley, with several others in different parts of town as well.

I'm excited to see more color and art going up around downtown. I think it's a wonderful way to showcase the creativity that lives in our city. When I travel, I feel like the murals in the cities that have them tell a story about that particular locale. When I got married in Las Vegas, we found the perfect art mural to hold our vows in front of. When I traveled to Ashville, North Carolina, there were murals at every turn, in all parts of the city. I feel like murals add a wonderful layer that tells visitors to our city that they are in a vibrant, creative and welcoming place.
Keep scrolling to see some of my favorite murals that I found when I traveled to Ashville, North Carolina.

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