72-year-old Gloria Scott called an electrician, John Kinney, to have a light fixed in her home. But when he showed up and realized the condition of her house, he started repairing it for free.

CBS Sunday Morning reports that when Kinney arrived, he discovered that it was way more than just the lights that needed repair. The home didn't even have running water, and Gloria was too poor to pay for the needed repairs.

So, Mr. Kinney did what any of us would like to think we'd do in that situation, he went back the following Monday and decided to help her even more with the help of some friends.

The group of handy folks have now named themselves "Gloria's Gladiators" and Kinney told CBS Sunday Morning's Steve Hartman that this won't stop with Gloria's house. He hopes that chapters of Gloria's Gladiators will pop up across the country all with the same goal of helping seniors who need it.

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