My Grandma once told me about the empty white ceramic jugs, with lighting bolts on the side, that her mother sat out by the back door next to the stairs. Her mother often placed money under them and then overnight the jugs were filled with something she wasn't allowed to touch.

A cooler filling service?!? A Netflix of beers?!? Investors, maybe you! (Andrey Moisseyev,

The story of this Western Kentucky liquid-dispensing Santa Claus forprofit, was actually the work of bootleggers during Prohibition. That's right, my great-grandma engaged in purchasing (then) illegal alcohol. I carried on that proud tradition until recently.

Smuggling during Prohibition and driving beer over state lines, same thing? (Travis T.)

A long time ago, before everyone uploaded everything to social media, I was introduced to a beer by the name of Yuengling on Spring Break. This beer was not allowed in Indiana, so souvenirs-be-damned we filled the trunk with that brew right at the Tenessee border.

Eagles = Freedom (

Soon the running began. Friends going south, have them pick up a case. The favor was returned during many trips with my wife to Florida. "Can we buy beer on Sunday?" An actual question my wife asked in a Panama City Beach Wal-Mart. The answer being a resounding "Yes, yes you can!"

One day Sunday's in Indiana will look like this (only a little less creep, I hope) ThinkStock

But just like the repeal of prohibition, our Yuengling running days are now over. The product of America's Oldest Brewery will now populate the shelves of the River City. This past Monday, Yuengling was added to the taps of select local establishments. And at 8:00 PM, I ordered my first Yuengling from a tap in my home state.

Draft Yuengling in Indiana!

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With new beer comes new responsibility, and I'm sure I'll hear from the folks who prefer "Sire Wellington's Stout Peach Pecan Ale" about how much it sucks. But I like Yuengling and I welcome another beer option to the Tri-State.

To see a map of where Yuengling is available, check out this site or the embedded map below (for the record, I ordered mine at Lamasco Bar and Grill). It is the largest beer roll out since Coors was added to taps in Indiana in 1991.