Antiquing, aka picking, has become big business over the last several years, thanks in no small part to television shows like American Pickers. Actually, I'm not sure if the History Channel series contributed to the popularity of picking, or if it was the other way around - American Pickers became a hit because of the popularity of picking. I guess at this point it doesn't really matter, the show is still wildly popular, and they're planning a return trip to Indiana this summer.

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The American Pickers crew will visit the Hoosier state in May, and they're looking for places to stop, and old things to 'pick.' Are you a collector? Do you have some antiques - some hidden treasures perhaps - that you think might be worth something? If that's the case, then perhaps you should consider requesting a visit with the Pickers. You should know, though, that the Pickers are kind of picky (pun intended) about who and where they will stop - only places like...

  • private collections
  • stores
  • malls
  • flea markets
  • museums
  • auctions
  • businesses

Remember what they say - "one man's trash is another man's treasure" so you never know what kind of gems they might find tucked away in Hoosier basements, garages, and barns. If you're a collector and you'd like to see what your stuff is worth, you can call the show at (646) 493-2184 or send an email to to get the proverbial ball rolling. Showrunners ask that you include your full name, your city/state, your contact information, and a brief description of your collection (including pictures).


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