The next season of American Horror Story is going to be a mega event for fans, mashing up the first and third seasons. Season 8 will be the ghostly hauntings of Murder House meet the witchy spells of Coven, and that means all your favorite witches are back.

When asked by a fan on Twitter whether Taissa Farmiga – who hasn’t been on the show since a brief Season 6 appearance – will be back, Ryan Murphy revealed some news. “All the witches are being asked back,” he replied in a since-deleted tweet. Then during the latest episode of Pose on Sunday, Emma Roberts confirmed that you, once again, have not seen the last of her Madison Montgomery.

Murphy’s tweet also suggests some even bigger news – if all the witches are being summoned back, that’s gotta mean Jessica Lange, who hasn’t appeared since Season 4, will finally return. There’s a few ways that could work. Her former Supreme, Fiona Goode, may be dead but that’s never been a hard rule for Murphy’s show. More likely is the return of her Constance Langdon from Murder House.

A while back Murphy said his idea for the crossover season would involve a character from Murder House entering the world of the New Orleans witch academy from Coven. We’ve guessed before that that character may be Michael Harmon, Contance’s grandson, given that he’s young and possesses some supernatural abilities.

It won’t be long before Murphy reveals more details. A charity campaign with Omaze will reveal the plot and title of the new season to a lucky fan, who will hopefully be nice enough to share those details with the rest of us online. Until then, hopefully we can figure out whether those previously announced details for the original Season 8 – at one point rumored to be titled Radioactive, set in the future and involving some freaky dental appliances – will be mixed in with the crossover, or saved for Season 9.

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