We're not clowning around. There really is a motel in the middle of nowhere with clowns everywhere, ghosts roaming the halls, and a cemetery next door. What could possibly go wrong?

Photo Credit: Jeff Hwang

The Clown Motel is a landmark nestled in beautiful Tonopah, Nevada. With thousands of clowns, clown-themed rooms, and many ghost sightings, would you be brave enough to book a room? It has the reputation of being “America's Scariest Motel”, so I'd have to think twice. Hundreds of clowns staring at me is one thing, but sleeping with a poltergeist in my room? Oh, and did I mention that it's also located right next to a really old cemetery. Sounds like a fun place, right? Horrifying maybe!

Photo Credit: Jeff Hwang

According to The Clown Motel website, "It all started in 1985 when Leona and Leroy David built this motel in memory of their father Clarence David who died in the Belmont Mine Fire and is buried at the Old Tonopah Cemetery right next door. Their father who was a clown lover left a collection of 150 clowns in his home which they decided to use as the theme and focal point of their motel in memory of their father."

Photo Credit: Sammie Reynolds
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There are 31 rooms at the motel and yep, you guessed it. Each room is adorned with custom clown art and clown tchotchke items. You better not be afraid of clowns because they'll be staring at you as you sleep, eat and even use the bathroom. For me, the clowns aren't my biggest fear.

Just mention paranormal activity and I'll respectfully decline! Spirits visiting from the cemetery next door? Oh, expletive no! Many ghost hunting shows reveal hauntings and poltergeists at The Clown Motel (see video below....if you dare), and many customers have heard paranormal activity while they sleep at night. I mean if it was Patrick Swayze I wouldn't mind, but otherwise pack the Prozac and the Depends!

There are horror themed clown rooms, regular clown rooms, and rooms over looking the graveyard. Would you book a room and never get any sleep? Nope. Not me.

Theme Room: 108 - 'IT'
Theme Room: 111 - 'The Exorcist'
Theme Room: 210 - 'Halloween'
Theme Room: 214 - 'Friday the 13th'
The Clownvis Suite - Room 222

The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada

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