If you have never lived in Florida, and faced hurricane or even tropical storm winds, let me tell you it is scary. My family and I lived in Tallahassee, Florida during a tropical storm, and that it something that I do not want to experience ever again.

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Now, think about poor doggies that are held in kennels, without the protection of wind resistant windows. That is the situation for some dogs that are at the Union County prison near Gainesville, FL. Our friends at It Takes A Village want to make room in their shelters to house these dogs, until the hurricane is over.

Why Are There Dogs in Prison?

Good question. These dogs aren't doing time for crimes, they are there to be trained and then adopted.

"The Dog Obedience Programs are partnerships programs between the Florida Department of Corrections and various community rescue groups and animal service agencies.  These partnerships are intended to increase the adoptability of shelter dogs and provide inmates with job skills beneficial upon release. During the training period, dogs receive socialization and are taught basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, and to walk by your side without pulling on the leash. All dogs are housebroken and crate-trained and have up-to-date shots. They've been spayed or neutered, and many are microchipped."

Traveling To Higher Ground

As we keep our eyes on the news of Hurricane Ian heading into the Florida area, we think of all of the animals that need to evacuate immediately but have no place to go.
These pups are in outdoor only kennels on the Prison grounds in Union County north of Gainesville. Can you imagine how terrifying this will be for them? They need our help! So, we are putting out a plea for foster homes.
We need to move the dogs out of our rescue center to make room for the Hurricane dogs that will be arriving into our care tomorrow- ahead of Ian.
If you can help save a life by opening your home, please stop by the rescue center located at 1417 N. Stockwell Rd. today 12-5, tomorrow 12-7

No Need To Travel To Florida

It Takes a Village can take in the dogs from the Florida prison. They need more fosters to make room for those dogs. So, if you have been thinking about fostering, please consider this plea, and help the dogs that are in dire need of dry and safe kennels. Fill out a Foster Application HERE.

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Before & After Pictures of Moxie's Miraculous Recovery

Moxie is the perfect name for this puppy - a sweet girl determined to never give up. Her recovery is simply miraculous, and we have the before and after pictures to prove it. Your eyes and your brain will try and convince you that these are two different dogs, but I promise it's the same dog - that's MOXIE.

Just a heads up that the "before" pictures might be difficult to look at for some people, but just know that she is all good now

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