A new fan-shot video of Slipknot arriving at an airport ahead of Knotfest Mexico, as well as walking the streets of Costa Rica, appears to reveal the identity of the band's new masked percussionist commonly referred to as "Tortilla Man."

After sorting through clues dropped by Slipknot's members as the band trekked through Europe and North America earlier this year, fans came to the loose conclusion that Tortilla Man is Michael Pfaff, Clown's former bandmate in Dirty Little Rabbits.

In the video below, the slender, bald man walking alongside Mick Thomson at the airport bore a striking resemblance to Pfaff. The same is true for the next clip where the man in question walked next to Sid Wilson outside.

All of this speculation exists, despite comedian Gilbert Gottfried previously outing himself as Slipknot's newest member.

Despite arriving in Mexico in advance of their scheduled performance at Knotfest, the band did not play the festival as intended. After organizers made unsuccessful attempts to repair a broken barricade, both Slipknot and Evanescence were forced to cancel their sets due to safety concerns. This resulted in some fans rioting, which led to them to torch Evanescence's drum kit onstage.


Tortilla Man entered the group in place of Chris Fehn, who was terminated as Slipknot's percussionist in March after filing a lawsuit against the band over pay discrepancies. Singer Corey Taylor blasted the lawsuit as a wrongful accusation and, most recently part of the legal case has been reportedly dismissed, alleviating former manager Howard Shore of any wrongdoing. The remainder of the suit, however, is ongoing.

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