I honestly don't know how anyone can work at Wal Mart. And after hearing this story, I have a little more respect for the people their employees put up with

A Florida woman, Mary Frances Alday, became upset when a Wal Mart in her hometown refused to honor her coupon. Having worked in retail, I'm sure she said it was against the law to refuse the coupon and that she would sue (good luck with that lawsuit). While that is speculation, one thing is for sure Alday hit a manager with her cart then went to her car to retrieve a gun.

She walked back towards the store waving the .38, because the coupon was THAT important. Employees who followed her out to get her license plate number retreated back inside the store.

The story doesn't end there, because Alday also managed to rack up a 'resisting arrest' charge. After leaving the Wal Mart, she was stopped by police. She informed the officer that she had a permit for her weapon and that "he wouldn't be taking it". After a struggle, the officer did take her gun and managed to take her in for a variety of charges.

Alday was charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of battery of a cop, and resisting arrest with violence. I want to know what coupon was THAT important.