Why can't adults have fun too? An adult-only Easter Egg Hunt is coming to Indiana in 2023, where it's a mix of the classic Easter Egg Hunt meets escape room.

What would Easter be without an Easter Egg Hunt? It's the thing that kids look forward to the most on Easter. Over the years, many organizations in Indiana have hosted Easter Egg Hunt events. Some are more creative and unique than others. The majority of these are geared toward kids. We all associate Easter Egg Hunts with children, but adults could have some fun with them too! That's why I was excited to see that there will be an adult-only Easter Egg Hunt coming to Indiana this year, and it sounds like a blast!

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Egg Hunt

Adult-Only Easter Egg Hunt in Indiana

Adults will have the chance to get in on the action this Easter, however, this isn't your typical Easter Egg Hunt. Dull's Tree Farm in Thorntown, Indiana will play host to this adult-only Easter Egg Hunt, and they say that this will be an escape room meets scavenger hunt type of event. According to the event's website:

<p>The event will include a challenging egg hunt, activities, dinner, and Moontown Brewing Company will be on-site serving their locally brewed beer.</p><p>There will be over $1000 in prizes given away during the event.</p>
Easter eggs

The Adult Easter Egg Hunt will be held on the following dates:

Friday, April 14 from 5-9
Saturday, April 15 from 11-3 & 5-9
Sunday, April 16 from 3-7

*April 16 will be ages 18 and up and No Alcohol will be served.<br />All other hunts on April 14 &amp; 15 are for ages 21 and up.<br />You must be 21 or over to attend the hunts on April 14 &amp; 15.

This is a team-based event. Team sizes can range from a minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 6. The event will be limited to 50 teams per hunt. Some of these dates have already sold out, but you can still get limited tickets and learn more now by clicking here.

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