The release schedule is heating up again, and in a pretty full month for new rock and metal offerings, the Loudwire readers have voted Adelitas Way's Getaway at the February 2016 Release of the Month.

It's was a close battle for most of the month with Lacey Sturm's new solo album Life Screams putting up the biggest fight, while Steel Panther's Live From Lexxi's Mom's Garage and a Anvil's Anvil Is Anvil both put up solid voting totals as well.

Adelitas Way got off to a great start promoting their new album as "Bad Reputation" debuted right here at Loudwire back in December. Frontman Rick DeJesus told us, "‘Bad Reputation’ is a song I wrote about how I feel. I’ve always lived my life just being who I am, and really in the past few years in rock I’ve built a bit of a reputation for being myself. On tour I like to drink a little wine, smoke a little pot. Music is fun and too many in the business take it far too seriously at times."

He adds, "People say I’m uncontrollable, instead of taking accountability for what they are doing to help kill rock ‘n’ roll. Even live shows were filled with more rules from the venues down to the bands we toured with. It was bulls–t, and I hated what I was seeing happening to what was once the most rebellious group of humans I had ever seen. I have a bad reputation for not giving a f–k, always enjoying myself, and always being a advocate for rock ‘n’ roll till the end. I wrote the song because that’s who I am and how I feel.”

The Getaway album was produced by acclaimed hard rock producer Johnny K. DeJesus recently told the Sun Herald, "He's one of the best in the game and that's why I keep going back to him. It's not all roses and pixie dust. He beat me up on the lyrics and made me go back and correct myself. The sound is fantastic. The band pushed itself, and now it's up to the world. The reaction early is it's a hit with single sales, and it's flying up the radio charts."

Fans can also look for the 2015 radio hit "I Get Around" making an appearance on Getaway. The set also features such standouts as "Good Die Young," "Put You in Place" and more. Getaway drops Feb. 26 and is currently available for pre-order via Amazon. Look for Adelitas Way hitting the road in support of the album at these locations.

Once again, congrats to Adelitas Way. The band's Getaway album has been voted as the February 2016 Release of the Month.

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