It's not everyday a celebrity stops by Evansville.

Dennis Quaid Visits The IMDb Show
Rich Polk / Stringer Getty Images

It's not everyday that a celebrity stops in Evansville, usually when they do it's because they have a show they're playing in town.  But today someone a little different was spotted downtown. The one and only, Dennis Quaid.

Now why was Dennis Quaid in town?  We aren't too sure.  He's recently been touring with his band Dennis Quaid And the Sharks, but their last tour date was 9/28 in Florida, and they're on a bit of a break until October 25th where they'll be playing in Napa California.  So is he just a big fan of Evansville?  Does he have family here?  Are we getting a sequel to The Rookie and it's taking place at Bosse Field (we can dream)?  Who knows, but either way it looks to be legit, it looks to be him.

Parlour Doughnuts posted the photos below today (9/30) with the caption:

Dennis Quaid is loving our new fall doughnuts! @ Parlor Doughnuts

Welcome to Evansville mr. Quaid!

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