AC/DC have released another single from their upcoming album, Power Up. You can listen to the LP-opening "Realize" below. The record arrives on Friday.

“Realize” is a highlight on Power Up, with verses energized by increasingly frantic bursts of staccato rhythm guitar and a repeated wordless refrain that recalls the band's 1990 hit “Thunderstruck.”

This is the second track to be previewed in full from Power Up. "Shot in the Dark" was unveiled about a month ago, when the album was announced. That song's video arrived a few weeks later. AC/DC also teased "Demon Fire" with a 53-second clip two weeks ago.

The songs on Power Up were written by Angus and Malcolm Young, who died in 2017, in the period leading up to 2008's Black Ice. "A lot of them were ideas we had that we knew were good AC/DC ideas at the time, but we just never got around to getting them on record,” Angus told UCR. "Malcolm and me had a lot of years when the two of us would just be in a little studio, just working away all the time … and in that period we’d so much stuff. ... when we went to do Black Ice, it was a case of you’ve got a few boxes of your ideas … [and] we only got [into] box one.”

The follow-up to 2014's Rock or Bust ends a period of instability for AC/DC. Around the time of release of that album, Malcolm Young was forced to retire because of health issues; his nephew Stevie played guitar on the album and tour. Then drummer Phil Rudd was arrested on charges of drug possession and threatening to kill someone. He was sentenced to eight months of home detention. Chris Slade, who was AC/DC's drummer from 1989-94, took his place on the road.

As the U.S. dates of the tour were winding down, singer Brian Johnson had to leave the band due to an issue with his hearing. Axl Rose filled in for European shows as well as the rescheduled U.S. dates. As the tour was coming to a close, bassist Cliff Williams announced he was retiring.

But Johnson, Rudd and Williams are all back for Power Up.


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