When I see an abandoned house along the side of the road, I often think about when it was built. The hopes and dreams that went into the plans of the home. The hard work and labor that help make the house strong and sturdy enough to shelter the family and withstand the weather.

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Sometimes it's not the weather or years that make a house fall apart, but the evil inside that rips the heart out of a house. An evil that leaves a permanent mark of despair on every inch of both the outside and the inside. An evil that never leaves.

What's the story of an abandoned house?

I'm fascinated with the stories that happened inside the walls of an abandoned house. As I around the yard, the facade of the house, and the rooms that lie within, I wonder about the family, or families, that once lived in the house.  I ponder on the times they might have been happy, like during the holidays. The times of sadness, like the passing of a pet, or loved one. I also think about the bad times, like an argument, even an argument that went too far.


Every house has a story

A story of the time it was built, the first family that moved in, the families that made the house their home, the last family that moved in, and the moment the house died. Many of the stories that surround the end or abandonment of a house involve a quiet and quick exit. Other houses have stories that legends are made of. Stories of unimaginable horrors and evil that continues to haunt it's walls.

The story of the Haunted Twins House

In Shelbyville, IN, there is an abandoned house that those in the town stay away from. The story surrounding the house, and the family that lived there, is so horrifying that it will give you chills. It involves a murder that was witnessed by the children, who then became killers themselves, and a murder/suicide the town will never forget.


Here is the story from a Facebook post by Kevin Lee Nelson.

While roaming the back roads of southern Indiana, "The Crossroads of America", I came across a great area legend: The Haunted Twins house. According to legend, back in the 1930s the house was occupied by a family with twin boys. After the father took their mother's life, the two sons murdered him in retaliation. Acquitted for the murder, the grown twins took over the house and altered the home making it perfectly symmetrical, allowing each twin to live in one half of the home. On the night of July 4th 1940 the twins argued, fought, and killed each other. Local legend states they can still be heard screaming in pain as they relive the night of their deaths, even from beyond the grave.

WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Shelbyville, IN, has many haunted stories and legends

It just might be the scariest and most haunted city in the entire state. Have you heard of Shelbyville's electric bridge? Urban legend says that the bridge runs electricity through its railings that you can feel to the touch. And, nobody knows why. Take a look.


WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter any of these abandoned properties. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

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