Legally, I cannot show you the leaked Avengers: Infinity War trailer that was shown at SDCC this past weekend...But I CAN tell you what was in it...


As much as getting a 'Cease and Desist' letter from MARVEL would be awesome...I'd really like to keep my job. Which means I can't share the leaked footage I saw of the Infinity War trailer. Which, knowing MARVEL, won't get released to the public until probably November. But what I CAN do is give you a play-by-play of what was in that trailer.






-Thor meets the Guardians of the literally faceplanting into their ship.

-Scarlet Witch does an awesome Matrix impression.

-Loki holding the Tasseract out to someone (probably Thanos) (Flashback from first Avengers movie?)

-Peter's spidey sense is tingling...

-Spider-Man, Iron Man, Drax, Starlord, and Mantis stand together looking totally badass. But also totally scared.

-"Fun really isn't something one considers when balancing the universe. But this...does put a smile on my face." -Thanos

-Gamora...not exactly happy to see her dad.

-Peter Quill...equally not as happy.

-Thanos looks weird without his helmet. (Personal opinion)

-Doctor Strange!

-The Iron Spider suit (the suit we saw at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming)

-Bucky is awake and has a gun. So you KNOW sh*t is serious.

-Black Panther shows up with Wakandan backup.


-Captain America....has a beard!? And a dark new suit...

-The Hulkbuster armor is back!

-Why is Black Widow's hair white???


-"Tony, I'm sorry....I'm sorry..." -Peter says, lying on the ground. (Parker. Peter Parker. I should specify now that there are two Peter's in one movie...)

-Thanos grabs Thor but the skull and gives it a hand hug. It looks painful.

-Nebula (But whose side is she on? The Guardians? Or her father?)

-Wong, Doctor Strange, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark stand on some really questionably stable steps.

-Cap fights! Fire! Starlord falls! Dramatic close-up on Iron Man! Thanos punches Iron Man in the face!

-Thanos is wearing the infinity gauntlet...But it only has one stone in it. (So far)

-Thanos uses the infinity gauntlet.

-*dramatic music plays* Avengers: Infinity War. MAY 2018.



Characters that weren't seen but are listed on the Infinity War IMDB page:

-Groot (Teenage? Young Adult?)


-Ant-Man (although, if I saw a better quality trailer...MAYBE he was in it and I missed it? He IS quite small...)

-Rhodey/War Machine

-AND...supposedly...CAPTAIN MARVEL will be making her first MCU appearance. (Probably in a post credits scene...But who knows?)



I cannot wait until this trailer officially gets released to the public because it is awesome. And also, I want all the nerds to get a hold of it and analyze the crap out of it. HD trailers are always way better than blurry phone footage with muffled sound anyway.


But, alas, knowing Marvel, we probably won't get to see the trailer in all it's HD glory until Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters.




Why do you do this to me every year during SDCC, MARVEL!?? You give me a sip but I want the whole cup! You've made me a Marvel-holic! I just can't get enough!

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