This might help you or your significant other get more sleep at night.

According to the New York Post, a new pill that will prevent snoring is in the works.

This is a game changer. Growing up, I could hear my dad snore every night from his room...he was that loud. I don't know how my mom got any sleep next to him. Chances are, you know someone who snores just as loud. Let's not forget about the snorer themselves. They most likely suffer from sleep apnea too, making a good nights sleep a little harder to get. That's why this pill is revolutionary.

Researchers have found that this a once-a-night tablet which combines two non-sleep related drugs, ADHD drug and a drug used to treat urinary incontinence, reduces snoring by 74%.  Not only that, but people with sleep apnea have higher blood oxygen levels when they take it. The pill is now  being put to the test in a clinical trial by a company in Massachusetts to make sure that it is safe to put out on the market.

As with any other medication, of course, there are side effects that could occur. The side effects that could possibly be associated with this revolutionary pill could be both physical and mental. According to the New York Post, the urinary incontinence medication (Oxybutynin) can cause abdominal discomfort and constipation. The side effects involved with the ADHD drug (atomoxetine) involves mood swings and suicidal thoughts.

However, if this drug passes clinical trials, it could be one of the best sleep aids on the market for several reasons. It will do wonders for snorers and those who share spaces with snorers. Is this something that you would try to see if you could get a better night's sleep?

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