Do you have what it takes to face your fears with your friends? You'll have the opportunity to do just that with an experience in Evansville based on the popular show Fear Factor.

I remember not wanting to miss an episode of the hit show Fear Factor when I was younger. The show was set around a group of contestants who were challenged to perform a number of terrifying stunts and of course eat something really, really nasty. The last competitor standing would win $50,000. There were times when I thought "I could do that", but then they would throw in a challenge that involved snakes, and then I realized that there was no way that I could do it.

If you were like me wondering what it would be like on that show, you will have your chance to try it out yourself with a new Fear Factor experience at Escape Evansville.

Escape Factor Coming to Evansville

Escape Evansville is known for a variety of unique escape rooms, as well as a rage room. However, they just announced a new experience that will test your bravery. Escape Factor is a take on the hit show Fear Factor. According to Brian Bennett, owner of Escape Evansville, this is what you can expect from this new experience:

<p>Basically, up to 6 people can play at a time and it consists of 6-7 challenges based on time, and they'll constantly change like the original show but will consist of things like eating a ghost pepper, finding objects in a tank of blood worms and blood, eating bugs, keeping your hands in an aquarium of snakes and other fun stuff.</p><p>For each challenge, the contestants will be awarded points so if someone opts out of one they can still win the overall game but no contestants are forced to play a challenge or be out of the game like in the real show.</p>

This new experience will surely have some hilarious moments, which is why Escape Evansville will be allowing contestants to bring their phones to record all that they will encounter. We all know of at least one person who we would like to see attempt these challenges. They talk a big game, but can they back it up? There's only one way to find out!

This new experience is expected to be open sometime next week. You can stay up to date and learn more by clicking here.

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