Owners of certain Dodge and Chrysler vehicles are urged not to drive their vehicles due to a massive recall that has claimed the lives of three people this year.

There is a massive ongoing recall for Dodge and Chrysler cars that you might want to be aware of. This recall comes as a result of an exploding Takata airbag cab explode due to chemical properties that "may deteriorate over time, particularly if exposed to hot, humid climates." This first began back in November, when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a “Do Not Drive” warning for 276,000 vehicles. Now, that a third person has passed away as a result of these faulty airbags, another alert has been issued. This brings the total of Takata airbag fatalities to 24.

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Do Not Drive These Dodge and Chrysler Vehicles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reiterating the "Do Not Drive" Order on nearly 300,000 Dodge and Chrysler vehicles. The vehicles apart of this "Do Not Drive" order are 2005-2010 Dodge Magnums, Chargers, and Challengers, as well as Model Year 2005-2010 Chrysler 300s. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

“This holiday season, don’t let yourself or someone you love be at risk of dying or being seriously injured because of a defective, recalled Takata airbag. These repairs are absolutely free and could save your life,” said NHTSA Acting Administrator Ann Carlson. “Airbag ruptures have also cost people their eyesight and left them with disfiguring facial injuries. The older a defective airbag inflator gets, the more dangerous it becomes. So please, get your airbag replaced now for your sake, and for the sake of those who love you.”

That being said, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is urging all owners of these vehicles to stop driving them, and immediately check to see if the vehicle has a Takata airbag recall. If it does, owners need to contact their dealership to schedule a FREE repair as soon as possible and follow any warnings from the vehicle manufacturer. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration goes on to say:

Even minor crashes can result in exploding Takata airbags that can kill or produce life-altering, gruesome injuries. Older model-year vehicles put their occupants at higher risk, as the age of the airbag is one of the contributing factors.

Owners or custodians of the vehicles should call 833-585-0144 to have them towed for service; both the tow and the service are free. You can also contact your local dealer directly to schedule your free repair.

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