If you've ever been to Guns and Hoses, or supported 911 Gives Hope, this is one of the great things you've helped with in our community!

Today the 911 Gives Hope Facebook page talked about the two rooms that 911 Gives Hope is able to sponsor at the Evansville Ronald McDonald House at Deaconess Gateway. Thanks to those who have participated in Guns & Hoses either by fighting, volunteering, or just going and enjoying the show, because you have helped 911 Gives Hope sponsor these two rooms that have helped many. But the biggest thanks 911 Gives Hope has to extend, has to be their thanks for Mickey.

Mickey is who inspired 911 Gives Hope to be created.  She truly is the heart and soul behind 911 Gives Hope, and everything they do. She was born with a genetic disorder called Prader-Willi Syndrome.  Her parents worked hard to help raise money for PW research, and in turn ended up help inspiring the creation of 911 Gives Hope.  Chances are if you've ever been to a 911 Gives Hope event, you've had the honor of getting to meet Mickey.

Thanks to Mickey, her family, and the community rallying behind them, amazing things like this can happen.  If you'd like to go to Guns & Hoses, get tickets here.

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