Hopefully you're doing your part to help slow the spread of the coronavirus by staying at home as much as possible. But, I certainly understand there are times when you just need to get out of the house for the sake of your sanity. Whether that's just taking a drive, or heading to your favorite fast food drive-thru to grab your favorite thing off the menu for a little comfort. Chances are, your dog wouldn't mind a ride in the car too for a little change of pace. And, if you're going to get yourself something to eat, it's only fair you get them something too, right? I mean what kind of cruel person would sit there and make their dog watch them as they eat right in front of them? Fortunately, you don't have to be that person because a number of fast food chains with locations all across the Tri-State offer something that's safe for your dog to eat, and in some cases, even offer treats specifically for your pooch.

TripsWithPets.com is a travel site that lets you "explore over 30,000 hotels, motels, bed & breakfasts, and vacation rentals across the U.S. and Canada that welcome furry travelers," and recently put together a list of popular chain restaurants from all over the nation that feature one or the other. While their list does include a few places we don't have in the Tri-State, like In-N-Out Burger and Shake Shack, it does feature the following eight that do.

If there's another Tri-State restaurant not listed here that are dog-friendly, send me an e-mail, and I'll gladly add them to the list.

8 Tri-State Restaurants with Dog-Friendy Menus

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