When scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, I happened to notice quite a few posts of people complaining about how boring Evansville is, I wanted to debunk their theory, but I think they're right. Here's why...

Ryan O'Bryan

1) I mean it's not like we don't have a bunch of really great places to go out and enjoy delicious food, and drinks, and maybe get some shopping in.  I mean for instance, have you ever been to Franklin Street?  There's NOTHING to do there!  Where will we ever go for Brunch? Or an evening out? Or meet our coworkers for drinks?  There's no place to do that!

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2) Or what about a fun bazaar in the Summertime where local vendors and artisans can go and sell their creations, and there's plenty of food to munch on and live music?  It'd be great if we had one of those. We could even do it on Franklin Street and call it the Franklin Street Bazaar!

Photo: Stacey Godbold Project Reveal

3) What about a zoo?? How fun would it be to get to see exotic animals, and to walk around a zoo, maybe also see a beautiful Amazonian exhibit, and maybe even something cool like a brand new rhino who is a part of a special breeding program to help the species, that would be pretty cool too. But again, Evansville man, it's lacking, we don't have anything like that here!

4) Oh and what about sports?  I'd love to see some live and local sports in Evansville, but dang it, we just don't have those here either. How cool would it be if we had one of the oldest ballparks in America, right here in Evansville or maybe a hockey team?  If only....



5) What about an arcade, that happens to serve beer, and also does charity nights to give back to the community?  That is a great idea! Someone should open one of those here, so we have something fun to do around town. I think High Score Saloon would  make a great name for a place like that.

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6) Oh and a festival, how cool would it be if we had a HUGE street festival in town, where you could go and eat your heart out in delicious deep fried goodness, and ride some rides? Evansville would never support anything like that though...

Ryan O'Bryan

7) What about history?  There's just no history in the Evansville area. You know like wouldn't it be cool if we had some way to learn about the history and the culture of Native American's who once lived right here? Angel Mounds definitely doesn't have anything like that there...

Photo Credit: Kat Mykals


But unfortunately it seems like there just isn't anything to do in Evansville...

Really though, I hope you appreciate the "tongue in cheek" fun I had with this post. Obviously Evansville is a great city, with so many things to do, this list doesn't even scratch the surface of how many fun things there are to do in Evansville, nature trails at Wesselman Nature Society, the Burdette trail, Burdette Park and Aquatic Center, live music at KCs Marina Point in the Summer, and much, much more. I hope you've found something fun to do!