Through the years these words have been tossed to the side and forgotten. But I think it's about time for them to come back.

Every few decades certain terms will pop up in our day to day vernacular that used to be popular 20 or so years ago, and just now decided to make a comeback (dope, cool beans, wazzzuuuupppp, gag me with a spoon...)

But what about words from hundreds of years ago? I think it's their time to make a comeback! So here are a few words I've found that I think we can start to use again in our day to day lives.

1. Fudgel (18th c.) -the act of giving the impression of working but actually doing nothing.

We've all been guilty of fudgelling...

2. Twattling (17th c.) -gossiping idly about unimportant things.

3. Groke (Old Scottish) -someone who stares at you hoping you'll share your food.

I am a hardcore groker.

4. Crapulous (16th c.) -feeling ill after eating or drinking too much.

5. Dysania (origin unknown) -someone who has difficulty getting out of bed in the morning.

There's a word for that???

6. Ultracrepidarian (early 19th c.) -someone who gives opinions on subjects they know nothing about.

I think we live in a world full of ultracrepidarians...

7. Cockalorum (18th c.)- a small man with a big opinion of himself.


I mean, these are still things we experience today, so why not use the original terms? People are all about owning vintage things, why not bring back vintage words?



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