Smile for the camera! We've rounded up 60 of the most infamous Rock Star Mugshots!

Ever feel corny posing for a photo because it doesn't truly capture the emotions going through your mind at the time? That can never be said for a mugshot, because it's one of the most honest moments that can ever be caught on film.

Let's go through some of the various emotions you'll stumble into with this gallery. We've got the cocky "too cool for the room" shot, mastered by figures such as Axl Rose and Kid Rock. There's also the "what the hell did I get myself into?" face, perfected by musicians like Billie Joe Armstrong and Kid Rock.

How about the rockers who actually smile or laugh when the camera is pointing their way? Vince Neil has a classic one, as does Kid Rock. The last one we'll mention is our favorite -- the "no idea what's going on" look. Dazed rockers like Nikki Sixx and... wait for it... Kid Rock gave us some of the most brilliant mugshots in history thanks to potentially altered states.

Check out our gallery of Rock Star Mugshots below!

60 Infamous Rock Star Mugshots

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