Chickens never really fascinated me until about seven years ago when I was out west visiting my aunt and uncle in New Mexico.

They live out in the middle of nowhere (and they always have) and have lots of animals on their massive property--horses, dogs, mules, and chickens. LORD, do they have chickens...and not just your run-of-the-mill everyday chickens. They were very unusual and laid eggs in a variety of colors.


But there were only 10 of them. Not a lot for a farm, but a lot for land that ISN'T a farm. But not CLOSE to the number of chickens a woman who lives near Paducah--in Crutchfield, Kentucky--needs to unload this fall.

Amelya Powell will give away 5,000 chickens this October and November and it looks like she may have already found success:

I think we have enough names on the list to contact when the time comes. Thank you!
I am trying to get a list together (already have 47 names) of people who will be interested in taking free chickens in late October-November 2022. We did this last year (my friend coordinates, and I get the list of people wanting them) on very short notice and it was a chaotic mess . So trying to plan this year now that we know what’s going on.
Later this year, there will be approximately a one week timeframe to rehome around 5,000 golden comets, a year and a half old. First come first serve.

Again, based on how she opened that post, she may be all set. But minds can change between now and then, so if you're interested, keep her number handy.

And, by all means, do not tell our friends Heather and Garrett (and Heather's already been tagged in this post, which is hilarious); they are terrified of chickens.

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Being completely unfamiliar with the business of chickens, I was surprised to learn that chickens seems to come in groups of 5,000 when it comes to poultry farms. Those who know this industry likely aren't surprised at all.

I did a simple search of "5,000 chickens" and found what I would call a business model for poultry farming. In that report from, the number given in the farm plan is 5,000.

Okay, so I'm really learning a lot.

While re-homing 5,000 chickens is a daunting task, it doesn't seem to be uncommon; it happens everywhere.


I bet you didn't know you'd be taking a virtual trip around the world visiting poultry farms that need to give away thousands of chickens, did you?

Amelya Powell's mission is clearly not an uncommon one, and she's GOOD at it. Last year's chicken giveaway was also a rousing success.

We wish Amelya success again this year. And as someone who LOVES eggs in every shape, fashion, or form in which they can be eaten, I envy those who's personal chicken population will grow considerably this coming fall.

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