If you have read the books you already know what to expect this Thursday at the Clarion Inn on the corner of 41 and Lynch. If you haven't read the books you might want to start reading or ask just about anyone about them. I personally have read all 3 books they are very, very good books! ;) Back in July of last year is when I read them all, I wrote a review on the books check that out here.

All of the stations here at Townsquare Media are teaming up to bring you this event sponsored by Fusion Day Spa. There will be shopping, dancing, drinking, and giveaways from Fusion Day Spa, Avon Cosmetics, The Clarion Inn, Two Fit Girls and many more beauty, make up, and clothing stores in the tri-state. I have to say my 4 favorite things wrapped up in one event! Why not go right?


Tickets in advance are only $5 and you can get them here.

My fellow 103GBF rocker ladies I am in need of a girl's night out! You should join me this Thursday May 9th at the Clarion Inn!!


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