The Indiana state flower, the orange barrel, is out in full force in Evansville! Here's 5 tips to help you survive the construction! 


If you live, work, or shop in Evansville, chances are you've been impacted by the road construction happening around town. The Lloyd Expressway, Highway 41, Morgan Avenue, i-69, the entirety of downtown, etc... all seem to be under some sort of construction. Truth be told it's making most of us go a little crazy!

So if you're like me and seeing orange barrels in your dreams, I've compiled a list of tips to help us all survive the construction!

Tip #1: Use the restroom before you leave

While this one seems pretty basic, it's a good reminder. Have you ever left work in a rush, eager to get home, only to run into traffic bottle necking due to lane closures?  Ever had that happen while you really had to pee?  I'm just sayin' better safe than sorry.

Tip #2: Practice breathing exercises 

When people see orange barrels sometimes they get spooked, and momentarily forget how to drive. These people will always be driving the car in front of you.  It's better to practice breathing exercises so you don't give into your desire to get out of your car and hulk an orange barrel at their windshield.

Tip #3: It's okay to flip off orange barrels, it's not okay to flip off humans doing their job

Have you ever come up on construction and flipped off the orange barrels because there's nothing else you can do to make yourself feel better?  That's okay.  Throw the bird at any orange barrel you see! Just don't throw the bird at the person directing traffic.  Sure, you may want to get out of your car and bonk them on the head with the SLOW sign they're holding, but you need to remember they're just doing their job, and that's assault.  Also it's really not their fault the entire city of Evansville felt the need to fix every road we have at once.

Tip #4: Keep a protein bar in your car

Actually keep the whole box in your car.  See all those orange barrels?  You're gonna be sitting here a while.

Tip #5: Turn it up

Okay like I wasn't going to end this blog with a shameless plug.  Turn on GBF, actually no, turn it up to 11 and sing (or scream or cry, we can't hear you over the loud music).  And make sure you have the 103 GBF app downloaded (last plug, promise) because you can stream us from anywhere, and we play loud, angry rock music, and let's be honest when you're driving through a sea of orange barrels that's exactly what you need.

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