Is "Newburghian" even a word?  We aren't sure, but if you're from Newburgh (or ever visited I mean it is right next door to Evansville) you've probably experienced these things!

I live in Evansville now, but I will always cherish Newburgh, it's my hometown! While talking about Newburgh with some friends, I realized, there's a few staples in Newburgh, that you've probably experienced at least once in your life.

1) Rivertown Ice Cream! 

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Nothing says "Summertime" like Rivertown! It's an adorable little  ice cream stand with the worlds best soft serve, and delicious food. And did I mention it's beyond cheap?!  I love taking my dogs there in the Summer and getting them small vanilla soft serves, while I get my favorite chocolate twist cone!

2) Pizza Chef

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If you have never been to a Pizza Chef Friday night buffet, or a sports team ceremony at Pizza Chef, are you even from Newburgh?

3) Ghost Walks


Newburgh has a bunch of really old beautiful homes, and with old homes, comes spooky tales of their past. Nothing is more fun than a night time ghost walk learning all about Nrewburgh's spooky past, and interesting history.

4) Newburgh Pool and the Fortress of Fun

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Growing up in Newburgh I remember all of the fundraising efforts to build Fortress of Fun, in fact many of my friends family's names are on the bricks leading up to the playground! And we can't forget all the Summer's spent swimming at Newburgh pool (

5) The Jolly Trolley

The Jolly Trolley Facebook Page

Many Summer days were spent chasing down the Jolly Trolley for a delicious Sno-Cone! I didn't even know if the Jolly Trolley was still around, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found them on Facebook!! You can catch up with them, here!