It baffles me that Blake Shelton is the "Sexiest Man Alive" this year according to People magazine. I mean, how hard did you look?

I don't understand how this man is the "Sexiest Man Alive". I mean look at the picture. It looks like they had to over-photoshop it to force us to believe "Yes, this man is possibly semi-attractive, in an 'I'm made out of plastic like a Ken doll' way."

And I'm not the only one who feels this way:



How hard did People look? Did they just turn on the tv and were like "Oh, I like The Voice! That's a good show. But Adam Levine's already been Sexiest Man they have any other dudes? Blake Shelton? Huh...Well, he's dating Gwen Steffani, I guess that'll do." Really? I mean.....REALLY? Here are some people I think were significantly looked over when it came to choosing "Sexiest Man Alive" 



5. Kit Harrington, the King in the North.


4. Idris Elba. Dear People magazine, you DO know the Sexiest Man Alive doesn't have to be white EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR., right? I looked. Out of the 27 "Sexiest Men" covers only 2 weren't white. Denzel Washington and The Rock.


3. Sebastian Stan. The Winter Soldier. He could literally take out the competition with those arms...


2. Joe Manganiello. I think this video speaks for itself.


1. Jason Momoa. Khal Drogo. Aquaman. I think Kelly sums it up best...



So, clearly, People messed up and it's up to US to fix it. So who do YOU think should is the "Sexiest Man Alive"?

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