Around Thanksgiving time I always end up watching at least 3 of these every year and they always get me in the turkey spirit.

Sure, there are plenty of Thanksgiving movies out there. Way more than 5. But these are the movies that I typically always end up watch this time of year. Whether I plan it or not. Sometimes they're just on tv and I'm like "Oh! Must be Thanksgiving!"


5. Grumpy Old Men

2 elderly men acting like immature children, while trying to gain the affections of their new lady neighbor. What's not to love?


4. Goodfellas

It's good wholesome movie about family, and what it takes to be part of a family. Capisce?


3. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

It's a classic. 'Nuff said. (Also, ....those aren't pillows.)


2. Addams Family Values

The BEST Addams Family in my opinion, with the BEST Thanksgiving scene of any movie I've ever seen. (This movie also helps me properly transition out of my Halloween depression and into Thanksgiving.)


1. Pocahontas

Don't judge me! It is a Disney classic!!!! And while it isn't 100% historically accurate (I'm not even sure it's 50% accurate) it deals with the English coming over to the Americas to colonize and, um, "interacting" with the Natives. (And it's totally kid appropriate! They don't mention any of the genocide or small pox blankets or anything!)

And, yeah, it's the sing-a-long version! Because what's the point in watching a classic Disney movie if you aren't going to sing along???



What are some of your favorite movies to watch during Thanksgiving break?




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