Have a Colts fan on your list, but don't want to get them another hat or t-shirt? Here are five ideas for gifts that I'm willing to bet they don't have.

Homemade Redneck Colts Wine Glasses

Colts Wine Glasses
(Etsy, LauraAnnesCreations)

Stay classy at your next tailgate party with these handmade wine glasses from Etsy store, LauraAnnesCreations, only $7.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling.


Kids Tool Belt

Colts Kids Tool Belt
(Etsy, missashcam)

The perfect gift for the little Colts fan on your list, this hand crafted pouch lets your little Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It carry all the tools they need to get the job done. But let's be honest, it will probably just get filled up with Cheerios. Available through Etsy store, missashcam for $10.50.


Pet Bed

Colts Pet Bed
(eBay, just*a*kid*at*heart)

Where does it say we humans are the only ones who can be Colts fans? Your trusty companion has been right there with you during the good games and the bad (2011, anyone?), so it's only fair they should show their support as well. Available through eBay user, just*a*kid*at*heart for $15.99, plus $8.00 shipping and handling.


Jersey Purse

Colts Jersey Purse
(eBay, jandpcollectibles)

Ladies love the Colts too! Let them show off their team spirit with this small purse made from authentic NFL jersey material. Available for $19.99 through eBay user, jandpcollectibles.


Branding Iron

Colts Grill Branding Iron
(eBay, friendly-gift)

Football and meat go together like peanut butter and jelly, or alcohol and regret. Mark your next burger, pork chop, or steak with the classic Colts horseshoe with this set of four branding irons available for $37.47 through eBay user, friendly-gift.



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