If you live in the Bluegrass State and you're thinking of retiring here are the 10 best towns to retire in.  Did your city make the list?


A lot of people start planning early for retirement.  At the rate I'm going I will probably never be able to retire if it has anything to do with money LOL.  However, many folks think about where they want to settle down after they have worked the amount of time good ole Uncle Sam says they have to.

Here are just some of the things people look for when they think about retiring;

  • The Cost of Living
  • Crime Rates
  • Tax Requirements
  • Quality of Life
  • Close to family

Kentucky is a place that a lot of people consider retiring to.  The beautiful landscape of the state makes it very appealing.  Of course, we are a welcoming state.  The southern hospitality makes it a favorite for most.


I have lived in several different towns all across Kentucky and all are super welcoming.  I have lived the longest in Owensboro, Kentucky.  It is considered the Bluegrass and Barbeque Capital of the world.  That isn't necessarily what makes it a great place to retire but it helps.

A website called Newhomessource.com did an article highlighting the Top 10 Best Places to retire to in Kentucky and Owensboro along with a few other Tri-State cities actually made the list;

Hopkinsville was also on the list.  I am particularly fond of Hopkinsville because it is where I was born.  My grandparents owned a farm right outside the city in Oak Grove and my Uncles still farm it today.  It has a small-town feel but it has grown in size over the years.

Henderson was another one on the list right here in Western Kentucky.  Both my parents lived there before they passed away and it is a place I have always known well.  It's not a huge town but has a lot of amazing restaurants and parks to enjoy if you're living there.  Over the past several years they have really worked on developing the downtown area and this adds to the appeal of the town.

If you're thinking about retiring to Kentucky there are not many places you can go wrong.  Do your research and go visit if you're thinking about making a life there.  I am partial to Owensboro but if I had my choice there are a few smaller towns outside of Owensboro I wouldn't mind living in like Whitesville or Ohio County.  Those places are welcoming and the people are very kind.

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