As a result of the current pandemic, an annual tradition for many families in Warrick County has been canceled.

Wednesday morning, Boonville Mayor Charles Wyatt announced that the 26th annual "Boo In Boonville" celebration has been canceled for 2020. Because of the amount of people who come out to the Square in Boonville each year for the event all being in close proximity to each other, Mayor Wyatt announced that the event won't be manageable with the COVID-19 pandemic going on.

As a resident of Boonville, I love this event. Thousands of Warrick County families come out all dressed up in their Halloween costumes and have a blast. It's an event that everyone looks forward to each year. Many churches, civic groups, Unions, and businesses all plan for this each year. It is a place where children can be safe and have a really good time with their families.

Mayor Wyatt does promise that they are planning a "bigger and better celebration next year".

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