In just about every aspect of life, there are a set of 'unwritten' rules - a set of guidelines that everyone is just expected to know and to follow. I'm sure there are unwritten rules in your profession, I know there are in mine. There are unwritten rules for work, school, sports, friendship, dating, parenting, etc. Assuming you know the unwritten rules for your particular situation, the question then becomes - are you following them?

I realize that the set of rules is different for each individual, based on your own circumstances - but there are plenty of rules that apply to everyone, all of us humans. Some are kind of serious and profound, while others are just silly and frivolous, but no less important. And, tell me if I'm wrong here, it seems like a lot of unwritten rules are very similar to, if not the same thing as pet peeves. It's things people do that annoy us, and in our minds, they should know better, right?

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We asked our amazing listeners to share unwritten rules that are important to them, and the response was pretty overwhelming. The list you'll see below while compiled from their/your feedback. Before I get to that though, I want to share a few unwritten rules of my own.

Bobby's Unwritten Rules

  • If I let you into traffic, you better give me a doggone courtesy wave. I didn't have to let you in, but I did - the least you can do is just acknowledge my kind act.
  • If someone puts their hand in the air to high-five you, you better not leave them hanging. You give that person a high-five. Nothing boils my blood more than being left hanging, especially when you KNOW they see your hand up there. And who doesn't love a good, crisp, high-five?
  • Don't talk to me in the (public) bathroom, especially if I'm sitting down. You do your business and I'll do mine - you can chat me up as much as you want once I'm out of the bathroom. I just don't feel comfortable talking to someone when both of us have our pants around our ankles.

And now to the gems that I collected from you. Great job, by the way!

25 of the Most Important Unwritten Rules We Should All Remember to Follow

Whether they are actually written down somewhere or not, we all know these 'unwritten' rules, we just don't always remember to follow them.

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