It has been 24 years since Blind Melon took the stage to perform at Woodstock '94. That performance was one of the most famously photographed as Shannon Hoon danced on stage in what almost looked like gauzy pajamas but was allegedly his girlfriend's dress. On August 13, 1994 Blind Melon performed for over an hour and that performance included so many incredible pieces of music including "No Rain" and "Change," the first song that Shannon ever wrote and was rumored to play often on the front porch of his mother, Nel's Indiana home. Shannon was born and raised in Indiana. It is also where Shannon was laid to rest after passing away from an apparent drug overdose in October of 1995 at only 28 years old. The inscription on his grave reads, "I know we can't all stay here forever So I want to write my words on the face of today and they'll paint it" - a line from "Change."


I was only 14 when Blind Melon played Woodstock '94 and 15 when he passed but even now, as I near 40 later this year, his music still resonates with me. I think he was a beautiful soul and I know he is missed greatly.

Here is my favorite Blind Melon song - "Mouth Full of Cavities."



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