The new red-band trailer (that means it's NSFW, so you may wanna lower the volume now) for '22 Jump Street' is pretty much two and a half minutes of Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill and Ice Cube verbal spars. And, oh yeah, lots of F-bombs. There are lots of those in there too.

'21 Jump Street,' from 2012, was a surprisingly funny reboot of a not-so-great TV show that gave Johnny Depp his start in the '80s. It shouldn't have worked, as far as these things go, but Tatum and Hill locked into great onscreen chemistry, and a franchise was born.

We're sure everyone's going to run this thing into the ground before long, but for now, it looks like the first sequel, which opens on June 13, could be a solid follow-up to the first movie. As Ice Cube says in the trailer, "It's the same case, do the same thing." Right on.

This time, the two undercover detectives played by Tatum and Hill go to college. There are sex jokes, spring-break jokes and a Mumford and Sons joke -- the sorta things you'd expect from college kids. Plus, there's an octopus, which isn't really something we'd expect at all. But we totally saw the d--- joke coming.