Whether it's your 1st or 97th time at the Fall Festival, it always helps to go through a check list before you head down to Franklin Street.

Here are some helpful tips to survive the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival.

1. If you plan to download the Munchie Map or the Fall Festival app do it BEFORE you get to Franklin Street. Cell service is notoriously spotty. If you don't download it ahead of time and have trouble downloading when you get down there (because you didn't listen to me) there are paper maps available.

2. YOU NEED A MUNCHIE MAP. I know some people don't use Munchie Maps and use the "walk and find" method, where you just walk around until you see a sign for a food you want to try. That's fine. You do you. But having a Munchie Map is also important because it tells you where LOST AND FOUND is located, BATHROOMS, and MEDICAL TENTS. It's not just for food...

3. BRING CASH. Of all the 140+ booths, rides, and games, at the Fall Festival, it's all cash. No cards.

4. 75% of the time you're going to have to pay for parking. So put that in your budget.

5. If you DO manage to find a free parking spot, take a picture of the nearest street sign to remind yourself of where you parked so that you can find your car later.

6. Ladies, try to avoid bringing large purses. If you do bring a purse, keep it on you at all times. Do not set it down for any reason. If you have a medication with you, put it in your pocket (back pants pocket, sweater pocket). That way if your purse (god forbid) gets stolen, you still have the important stuff on you. (Maybe fanny pack it? I won't judge..)

7. Whatever the weather report says, dress for 5-10 degrees hotter. Fall Fest is a place that is crammed with lots of people and booths cookin up some good food, so it gets a little bit warm.

8. Wear walking shoes. Because you're going to be doing a lot of it. No flip flops if you can help it. The longer the Fall Festival goes on, the worse the trash gets and you don't want your naked toes dipping into some nasty grease and napkins. Ew.

9. If it's your first year, talk to a seasoned Fall Festival goer and ask what foods you need to get at the beginning of the week. Things like apple cider, deep fried mac & cheese, and other popular foods and drinks often sell out before the last day.

10. Get ready to sit in some traffic. Everyone is going to be traveling to the west side of Evansville from all over the place. There will be a lot of cars. There will be a lot of traffic. Be patient. We all want to get to the same place. Maybe make yourself a "stuck in Fall Festival traffic playlist" to help you through it.


What are some Fall Festival survival suggestions you might have?

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