I am blessed to have a job that is considered essential, so I am able to get out of the house everyday and have some kind of interaction for other humans. That's not the case for a lot of folks. I can definitely sympathize with those folks. I can only imagine how stir crazy I would be going right about now.

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I don't know, however, if I agree with someone who's complaining that there's nothing to do. I just don't know if some folks are thinking hard enough. There are all kinds of games that we used to play back in the day that you could easily due during  quarantine. Granted, some of these activities do require some equipment, and some require other people - so you might be out of luck if you're ridin' solo.

Here are a bunch of activities that you probably haven't done in a while. Maybe you should dust some of these off this weekend.

13 Old School Games Worth Playing Again

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