Who doesn't love a good thrill?  Indiana is home to several haunting places with backstories that would make your skin crawl.  If you're into the paranormal/spooky/creepy side of things, this is definitely the list for you. I've always been a big fan of ghost stories. I remember in the 5th grade my teacher told my class the legend of Scales Lake's ghost, Black Annie, she's said to be a lady dressed in black who haunts the grounds.  Ever since then I was hooked on ghost stories.  You can hear the full legend of Black Annie, here.

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Since I've always been hooked on ghost stories, I've been drawn to creepy places. Here's 11 creepy places in Indiana you'll definitely want to check out!

*Please note you can visit all of these locations, except the Schenck Mansion which is now a personal residence so please respect the owners and their privacy by not making it weird.  But there's plenty of interesting info on that location you can read up on, on your own thanks to the internet.

(H/T: Ian Delap 18 Most Terrifyingly Haunted Places in Wyoming [PHOTOS] (kisscasper.com)

11 Haunted Places in Indiana

Who doesn't love a good thrill? These 11 haunted hot spots in Indiana are sure to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up!

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