Now that we've all had time to see and process Avengers: Infinity War, I think it's time we acknowledge the elephants that weren't in the room...

So it's been about a month since Avengers: Infinity War came out. Which means I am just getting to the point where I can talk about the movie with getting emotionally compromised.

So now that my emotions are back in order, let's discuss who we need to see in the next Avengers movie.

Now, the Russo Brothers revealed the fate of some characters we didn't see in the movie and what their life status was at the end of Infinity War.

Howard the Duck: Alive (for some reason...)
Aunt May: Alive
Lady Sif: Dead
Betty Ross: Dead
Nakia: Unknown
Shuri: Unknown
Ned: Unknown
Korg: Unknown
Jane Foster: Unknown

Those "unknowns" are either just not going to be mentioned in the next movie, OR their fates are spoiler territory for the next movie.

So this is who I need to see in the next Avengers movie...

(Spoilers ahead. I'm holding nothing back. If you haven't seen the movie by now, what are you waiting for? You're never going to be emotionally prepared for what you are going to just go and watch it. Rip it off like the painful band-aid it is...)

11. Aunt May

First of all, how did she take finding out Peter was Spider-Man at the end of Homecoming?

Second of all, how is she doing NOW? Is she doing okay? Does she blame Tony for what happened with Peter?? How is she coping???

10. Valkyrie

WHERE. THE HELL. IS SHE?? She was on the ship with Thor and Loki at the end of Ragnarok. Infinity War starts right where Ragnarok left off, and she is nowhere to be found.

Did she escape?? Was she hiding?? DID SHE DIE???? Where is my fierce drunk warrior??

9. Kraglin

How is he doing this his new headgear? Has he gotten better with the arrows? Like, good enough to hit a big purple dude a few times? Asking for some friends...

8. Darcy

I just want to know if she's still here. I like her. She makes me giggle. But if we get her...that means we also have to have...

7. Jane Foster

Which means things might get...awkward. Having your ex show up to help you save the world? Nice. But awkward.

6. Dr. Selvig

You can't have Jane and Darcy without Selvig. Also, he knows a thing or too about this alien stuff. He's had first hand experience with one of the infinity stones.

5. Adam Warlock

If you don't know who that is, let me refresh your memory. Remember one of the post credits scenes in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, where the Sovereign have that weird gold pod that they called "Adam"? THAT'S Adam Warlock.

In the comics, he rebels against his creators and eventually is trusted with guarding the Soul Stone. He later enlists the help of the Avengers, Captain Marvel, and Moondragon to stop Thanos.

It would kind of be helpful if he could show up in the next movie and help the (remaining) Avengers out...

4. Cassie Lang/Stature

SUPPOSEDLY there's going to be a time jump between Infinity War and the next Avengers movie. If so, it would be really cool to see Stature (Cassie Lang), one of the original members of the Young Avengers.

Yes, she's just a kid now in the MCU. But depending on how long they want to make this time jump, (rumor has it they've already cast an older version of Cassie for the movie...) it might be the perfect time to introduce the next hero in the Ant-Man family.

3. Baby Stark Jr.

If they are doing a time jump, I have to know if Pepper and Tony had a baby. They did hint at it at the beginning of the movie. And if so....Did they name it after Peter? I feel like that would be a thing Tony would do...

I know in the comics he has a son named Howard Anthony Stark. But I wouldn't put it past the MCU to change the name to Peter Anthony, or Howard Peter.

2. Captain Marvel

She HAS to be in it, right? I mean, we ALL SAW the post credits scene. Maybe she'll even bring some friends.


LISTEN. BUDDY. I know you want to retire. And I know Thanos could probably snap you like a twig. But I just need you to show up for a hot second so that I know you're okay. Can you do that for me?? I'm going crazy over here...

Also, I know you've got some crazy "Thanos Killing Arrow" somewhere in your arsenal...


Who do YOU want to see again (or for the first time) in the next Avengers movie? (Other than everyone who died...)

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