The Evansville area has spawned a number of fiendishly talented musicians throughout the years, like Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch, Andy Timmons of Danger-Danger fame, and one of the hardest hitting drummers to ever emerge from the banks of the Ohio River - Mike Calvert.

As a transplant from Chicago to the redneck ways of Kentucky, Mike Calvert has spent the majority of the last 20 years gaining respect as a musician by going against the grain of the societal norm and lashing out against pretty boys and technical junkies with simple, boom-crack philosophies.

From listening to Sandy Nelson records on a portable record player to setting up his first drum kit on a collection of model boxes; Mike Calvert says that it wasn’t until he got his hands on Motley Crue’s “Shout At The Devil” record that finding a way to get behind an actual drum kit became a priority.

“I just wanted to play a kit so bad…drum kits just amazed me,” says Calvert. “I wanted in school band because I saw that kit in the corner. You know, you start out in the chair… and you’re like man, come on man, I want to be on that kit… I just learned “Shout at the f***ing Devil”, man!”

After years of playing in chicken coops and stages all across the Midwest, Calvert admits that while some of his influences, back then, consisted of a handful of legendary drummers, most of what inspired him to keep practicing were the people he played shows with.

“Everyone always wants to talk about Tommy Lee… of course, that was the influence…people always talk about Neil Peart… sure. But influences man, were like people you played with at the time…like [your] buddies.” said Calvert.

Mike Calvert is currently available for studio sessions as well as live performances and tours. Anyone interested in hiring Mike Calvert can send him an email at:

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Special thanks to Dave Cummings and Fourth Wall Media House for producing this video.