I'm happy to say that the 103GBF Hometown Honey Calendar, which in size and design is really a poster of about 14 local, beautiful women. The 103GBF Hometown Honey Poster is available for free from the good folks at Exotica Superstore on Washington Avenue near Green River Road. You can also pick one up at our offices during business hours, M-F 8am to 5pm, or get one from us when we're out broadcasting live from a business here in the area!

Here's a few photos you may not have seen before, like our recent calendar signing party at Exotica and a few more previously unpublished pics courtesy Don Swain at Digital Panda Studio!  First up is a couple of pics of Angel, who did test hots but was unable to be on the calendar due to some scheduling issues!  Too bad, cuz she is smoking hot!


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