Some Halloween movies just need more love this time of year...

I love Halloween, and I love seeing Halloween movies on tv every year. But I feel like I'm just seeing the same movies over and over again each year.

It's the same rotation of Hocus Pocus, Halloween marathons, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Chucky movies sprinkled with Tim Burton films.

Every year I look at Freeform, SYFY, and AMC's list of Halloween movies, and every year I think to myself "What about THIS movie? Where's THAT movie? Why are they showing the same movie 50 times???"

Here are some movies that I think are "underappreciated" AKA: WE ALL LIKE THESE MOVIES AND WANT TO SEE THEM ON TV MORE THIS TIME OF YEAR, PLEASE.

1. The Brothers Grimm

Matt Damon + Heath Ledger = Halloween comedic gold.

2. The Crow

Everyone LOVES the Crow. So why don't I ever see it on tv this time of year??

"It can't rain all the time..."

3. Evil Dead

There are Halloween marathons every year on tv. Where are the Evil Dead marathons?

And I know the first two are more horror, and the third movie is more comedy...but this is my favorite part of the whole franchise.

4. The Monster Squad

This movie is just straight up underappreciated.

"Wolfman's got nards...!"

5. Ginger Snaps

Sure, it's just a giant metaphor for puberty, but that's not stopping me from enjoying it.

6. The Burbs

7. Jennifer's Body

Again, another horror movie methaphor for puberty, but it works!


8. Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

I recommend this movie to anyone that enjoys gory movies and dark humor.

(NSFW, lots of blood...)

"...are you okay?"

9. Young Frankenstein

"...What hump?"

10. The Lost Boys



What are some Halloween movies you love, but never see on tv?

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