Why is it so satisfying when a rock star goes on a tangent against camera phones? Or even better, smacks one out of a concertgoers hand. It may be an overreaction at times, but it’s endlessly entertaining every time.

A couple of these clips are from the last month, proving musician animosity toward phones is alive and well. At 67 years old, Judas Priest singer Rob Halford isn’t just spry enough to perform live; he’s so nimble that the metal god can kick a phone out of a fan’s hand. It wasn’t a wimpy kick either… Halford bent that phone like Beckham 20 feet into the air.

If you’re filming at a Foo Fighters show instead of dancing, Dave Grohl may call you out. Not long after Grohl broke his leg falling off a stage, the Foos built a Game of Thrones seat for the rocker to perform in. Even while nursing a busted leg, Dave refused to stop rocking, so you can at least put your phone down while he’s playing… right?

It was the slap seen ‘round the world. In 2016, Corey Taylor was touring with a broken freakin’ neck. While performing “Eyeless” with Slipknot, Taylor spotted a fan texting in the front row. Unhappy with the sight, Taylor slapped the phone out of the fan’s hand. Corey made an example of him, but buried any bad blood by laughing with the front-row fan after the fact.

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