'Tis the season of giving and tipping! But who should you put on your nice list? I did a little research, because honestly, I had no idea!

1. Baby Sitter or Child Care: It's suggested that you tip your regular babysitter the amount you would pay for an evening. As for daily child care, you should tip $25-$75 per staff member, but don't give them cash. Instead, get a gift card, and have your kids sign it.

2. Teacher: Ok, I put this on the list so we don't forget, but don't send your kids to school with a stack of cash! You should get your child's teacher a gift card or something the can use in the classroom. Have your child write a note, telling the teacher how much they have learned, or what they like best about him or her.

3. Stylist or Barber: If you go to the same stylist regularly, you should tip up to the amount of your usual service. Ouch! Same goes for a Barber, tip the amount of a haircut.

4. Personal Trainer: Depending on where you workout, the tipping amount can vary. You could always gift them your holiday candy, so you won't eat it LOL! Don't do that, but do get a gift card for the cost of 1 session.

5. Massage Therapist: A nice gift or gift card up to the cost of one massage is recommended. Although, I would rather just pay for another session, but that isn't how tipping works.

6. Gift Wrappers: If you are using a professional to wrap your gifts this year, you should tip them up to $5.

7. Mail Carrier: This is a tricky one, because they are only allowed to accept the following: Snacks and beverages or perishable gifts that are not part of a meal, Small gifts that have little value like travel mugs or hand warmers, and are clearly no more than $20 in value. If you give them a giant fruit basket or something like that, they have to share it with the rest of the office. Mail Carriers can not accept cash, checks, gift cards or any other kind of money.

8. Trash Collector: If you use a city service, there may be certain rules, like with mail carriers, but if you use a service, a $10 to $30 gift card is good.

9. Pet Groomer: They make your fur babies look and smell good, kind of like human stylists do, so a tip or gift, up to the price you usually pay, is a nice gesture.

10. Newspaper Delivery: If you still get a paper delivered to your house, it's nice to tip $10 to $30 or give them a nice little gift. Although, you probably rarely see them, since most get their deliveries done in the early morning hours.

Keep in mind that tipping or gifting is optional. Don't over-extend yourself beyond your means. Simply thanking someone in person can go a long way!

Source: [Emily Post]

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