But technically this is a GOOD THING...

I was sad that these characters didn't show up in Infinity War, but as the movie progressed I realized that I was glad they weren't there. Because if they weren't there that means they're safe. And after the 3 hour panic attack that was Infinity War, it's comforting to know that at least SOMEONE is safe.

1. Hawkeye/Clint Barton

It hurt me that he wasn't there with some magic "Thanos killing arrows". But let's be honest, no matter how awesome Hawkeye is, if he would have shown up it wouldn't have ended well for him.

He lost against Loki, and Loki lost against Thanos back in the first Avengers movie. Do the math.

2. Valkyrie

Where was she? Seriously though...where? Because Infinity War started right where Thor Ragnarok ended. She was there with Thor and Loki last time I checked...

3. Korg

Same question as above.

Did they get away in an escape pod? Is this something that will be explained later? Or is this just a glaring continuity error that's going to bug me for the rest of my life and Marvel isn't going to explain at all?

4. Ant-Man


4. The Wasp

Technically Hope van Dyne's official introduction as 'The Wasp' isn't coming until this summer with Ant-Man and the Wasp. So I shouldn't be that surprised.

5. Lady Sif

Is she even a part of this franchise anymore? She's basically disappeared because Jaimie Alexander (the woman who plays Lady Sif) is the main character on the show Blindspot, and instead of recasting her they're just pretending like she was never there in the first place.

They recast Fandral after his actor, Josh Dallas, got cast in the show Once Upon a Time. They just replaced his with Zachary Levi and no one cared.Why can't they do that with Lady Sif? It doesn't make sense that she WOULDN'T be there. She would never leave her friends behind in their time of need, especially after the events of Ragnarok. I mean, she would have definitely been there for Ragnarok!

I guess my question is: WHERE IN THE NINE REALMS IS SIF??

6. Sharon Carter

No offence to Emily VanCamp, but I could give less of a crap if Sharon Carter was in Infinity War or not.

You go do your CIA thing, I'll be over here watching Earth's Mightiest Heroes try to stop the world from not existing.

7. Aunt May

Is she okay? Like, after finding out about Peter and all at the end of Homecoming? I hope she's doing okay....

8. Happy

Wherever he is, I hope he's doing okay. He's probably not. He's probably freaking out because he can't get a hold of Tony.

But a girl can hope, right?

9. Nakia

Where was the third member of my Black Panther dream team? I got Shuri. I got Okoye. Where was Nakia?

10. Kraglin

Is he doing okay?

I'm asking that a lot.

I'm just genuinely worried about these characters because for most of them, the last time I saw them didn't put them in a very good situation. Sure, Star Lord had to deal with a lot after Guardians Vol. 2, but so did Kraglin!


There are a few plot holes I'd like to be filed when it comes to where characters are in this movie. But for some, I'm glad those hole were left unfilled. Because that means Clint Barton is safe. And that's all I care about right now.

Well that, and the fate of everyone in Infinity War. I'm hardcore caring about that right now...

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