With the election over and the winner decided (or appointed by lizard people), its time for news organizations to return to their hard-news roots. Just kidding, they're doing fluff pieces again.

CBS Atlanta decided to go "Mythbusters" and see if pets are capable of scaring off an intruder. It turns out that drooling mound of hair that goes mental for Snausages isn't a good candidate for home security guard.

They selected pet owners, and then had someone enter the home in the plainest of settings. No broken windows and almost nothing stolen, which makes me question some of the results. I would expect animals to get worked up and attack if those things were occurring.

Only one dog got defensive and nipped. Another dog allowed itself to get stolen by the "thief". Almost all the rest were sort of confused by the marshmallow man entering their homes.

So if you're wanting home security, don't depend on an animal that is scared of the vacuum.

CBS Atlanta 46