We've all seen videos of poor bastards getting their hearts broken with a rejected marriage proposal. I usually have to stop and ask myself if the video is legit or a setup to get some laughs. Let me tell you now, this video is a prank...and it's good for a laugh, especially on V-Day.

That's not to say that all public proposal rejections aren't authentic. I'm sure some, even most, are painfully all too real. And forgive me if I sound cold blooded, but I don't have too much sympathy for these guys. Common sense would tell me not to propose (especially in a public setting) unless I was 99.5% sure the response would be "yes." If you're gonna pop that question, you gotta at least discuss the topic with your sweetheart ahead of time. I'm not saying you have to give it away and ruin the surprise, but you can at least try to get a vibe on what her answer is going to be.

Since the two main participants in this video are obviously in on the prank, the goal is to get awesome reactions from the passers-by...and they do just that. It's hilarious to see the look of joy and hope, the smiles and the cell phones...and then see cheeks drop and the look of shock on people's face.