If you've ever had your wind knocked out, and I mean seriously knocked out, then you know it's one of the worst things ever. All you wanna do is breathe again, and you don't care what kind of sounds you make in the process.

I can speak from personal experience. One of my most memorable...er um....memories involved me having every single bit of wind knocked out of me. Just ask my buddy Ryan O'Bryan if you want details...he LOVES to tell the story. Here it is in a nutshell, I was playing softball on the GBF team several years ago. I was playing shortstop (cuz I'm a stud) and I collided with our third baseman. To be more accurate, I pretty much bounced off of him. His shoulder got me below my armpit right in my ribs. I thought I was never going to breathe again. I thought I was going to die right there on Wesselman #2. So I tried desperately to get some more air in my body...and in doing so I apparently was making some pretty ridiculous sounds. I didn't care at the time, I JUST WANTED TO LIVE!

As funny as the folks sound in this video, at least their grunts and groans are a little lower pitched, to accurately reflect their gender. My grunts and groans were a little bit higher pitched. The sounds I made that night have been compared to the Adam Sandler character Fatty McGee (which you can hear below).

Fatty McGee

Now let's all laugh at these poor bastards. Hehe!