So, we've started doing texting contests on 103GBF.  It's where you text a certain word or phrase to a number for a chance to win something. Our digital department says I'm not talking about this enough on the air. Frankly, I hate when people tell me what to do in the first place. I've been the boss too long to be bossed around myself, y'know?  So to really get the word out, I thought I'd just post this on the website in hopes that you will participate and blow the digital department's contest cell phone into smithereens (not the band, BTW!)

So here's what we've got...

If you live within our listening area Text TWIN to 89000. I'm doing a live broadcast from Evil Twins Tattoo & Piercing on 1st ave. across from Willard library June 15th from 5-7pm. If you win you'll my "Tattoo Buddy" and win a free tat. Must be 18 and up to enter.

Also test WTF to 89000 to have a chance at winning at "WTF Friday" t-shirt from Good Tymes Gifts and Smoke Shop On Covert at Weinbach.

If you win either one, you'll get a message saying so. If you don't win, likewise.

Pre-paid cells don't seem to work for this contest. Just letting you know so you won't yell at me later. Enough people around here do that to me already!

Thanks and Good Luck!