If you have a problem with ears and wax and stuff, you don't want to see this...trust me. Some people have a thing about ears. My wife, for example, had several surgeries and issues with her ears when she was a kid. Now just the thought of digging around in there makes her want to vomit. I'm not even gonna try to show her this video...she'd hit me for sure.

I like to think I can handle seeing most things...but this one started to get to me. At one point I even made some sort of audible moan. I can't even spell the sound I made, but you get the idea. Not long after that I found myself pushed away from my desk with my mouth hanging open and my hand over my gaping piehole. It was a look of amazement, horror and disbelief. And don't let the lighthearted music fool you. This video is straight nasty!

I really think I can handle the wax aspect of this video, although when you zoom in that close it kinda starts to look like poo, which is gross. No, the part that gave me problems was when they started pulling out pieces of a dead roach. How does that even happen? How do you let it get to that point.

I don't know if you've ever had an ear clogged with wax (I have, several times), but they suck. It is one of the best feelings in the world when that bad boy is cleaned out. Imagine how good this poor bastard felt afterward. Damn!

Think Before You Watch...You've Been Warned